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Tape 1

Can you give us a general picture of what ---- is like? Tell me a bit about her...

I don't know really, 'cause they chop and change. So one minute you could say she was independent and outgoing, and then the next minute she's just a little horror, 'round your ankles and I don't know.

Um. She is independent in a way I suppose, because she was in Special Care on her own. So I, uh, she was. She'd do anything on her own.

She's a cow. She's very disruptive. I don't know. She can be good when she wants to be but she never does as she's told. She's just. I don't know. Just horrible.

She feels like being good she'll be good, if she don't she.   But, no. Um.   She's just boisterous. It's not, she don't like. Um. How can I put it? She's not happy unless she's interfering with whatever the other one's doing. So you can't say, "Alright you go and do that, you do that." She'll just go over and destroy whatever the other one's doing because she wants to do that. Apart from that, no just, she's just, I don't know.

What about um, what's her personality like or whatever, in comparison to other children her age?

Horrible. She's just nasty. She just seems like she's in her own little world. She's not like other children. I don't know really. I can't really explain what they're like, 'cause the midwife says they've never known two kids like the way they are. So how you say how they are you just can't explain it. So I don't know.

How would you like ---- to be different?

Just a bit of give and take. If I ask her to do something, to do it, instead of chucking things at me and telling me, "No", all the time. So if she'd just give a bit of give and take then I think things could be a lot better. I don't know what else to say really.

What about when she is away from you, how do you feel?

Oh God. Bliss. I love it. And I dread the moment she's going to come back. I mean it sounds awful, but unless you've been in that situation, then no one else understands. I mean some people say they can't bear to be away from their children. But I just can't wait for them - her, to just go. And I just love it. I mean, I don't go nowhere. But it's just getting myself back to reality really. Just being adult instead of being 'round kids all the time. You seem to lose that. So her being away it's just bliss. Heaven.

What's she like... um... How do you feel when she's out in public with you, like when go shopping or something like that?

Oh don't ask. Embarrassed. I mean she showed me up the other day. She was being aggravating. Naughty. She was kicking everyone on the bus. So I told her to get up and sit properly. And she wouldn't. And it carried on for ages. And then all of a sudden this woman turned round and told me to leave her alone. So she is an embarrassment. She loves to make a show of me, and wind me up when we're out. So I really hate going out with her. Think half of it is my problem, 'cause I've never wanted children. So and then to have two as well it don't make it. But, yeah she is one little cow. Yeah. That's all I can really say about her.

Yeah, I can't think of anything more to say about ----. She's just. She's just boisterous. Naughty. Yeah. Just a complete and utter pain in the backside.   Yeah. That's all I can say about her really.

Thanks very much.

Tape 2

OK just start off by giving us a general picture of what ---- is like.

Um, ---- is more loving. You can tell her off more and she does as she's told. She's got a lot more confident in the last year. She's got very independent as well. She'll go off on her own. She tends more to do things on her own. She's more into writing and drawing. You can give her something to do and she'll do it. But she's um, a wobbler. Like me. How I used to be. Have a little wobble. But yeah. She's more, I don't know. More interested in doing things and playing. Yeah, she's quite an outgoing child really. She never used to be. But, since going to school and having a - being split up from the other one, she's more confident. Yeah. She's more interested. You can talk to her more. So, yeah.

What about the comparison to other children her age?


What's she like?

She's about the same. She's like other children really. She gets along, along more with other children.

More than ----?

Yeah. She gets on more than others, than ----. She does a lot more things than ----. She's not as disobedient. And she will do as she's told. Yeah.

In what ways would you like her to be different?

I don't know if I do want her to be different.

What would you change?

Um. Her answering back. But no. No I wouldn't change anything with ----. She's quite, alright I suppose. Yeah. I wouldn't change. I wouldn't want to change ----.

How do you feel, how do you feel when she's away from you?

I miss her that little bit more than I do with ----, because I have that bond with her. She was there with me from the day she was born. So there was that little bit more. And she's more loving. She likes to give cuddles and sit there with you. So, yeah. I do miss her that little bit more. But, yeah. So, uh. I still love it when she's gone. But I am happy to see her. She does get all excited when she sees me. But, yeah. I do love that break from her. But, yeah. But I wouldn't change her.


No. So yeah. She's alright.  

What about when she's out in public with you. How do you feel?

Oh she's fine. She's as good as gold. We have our little few tantrums or whatever, when she can't have a sweet or whatever, but once I say "Once we've done this, that and the other, then you'll get something." So she's not too bad to be out with.

So how do you feel about that?

Fine. I like going out with her. So, yeah. She's alright. She'll do for now. But she's a lot more better. Placid. Whatever. Compared to ----. So, yeah.

Anything else about ----?

No. No that's it.

Alright. Great. Thanks.