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This project is the result of many people's generosity, help and goodwill.

Nature's Great Experiment is funded by: AHRC, Institute of Psychiatry, the Wellcome Trust and Wimbledon College of Art, London.



Carolyn Thompson

Terrie Moffitt

Avshalom Caspi

Lisa Cant

Heather Bolton

Emma Svanberg

Molly Bodinetz

Donna Oxley

Susanne Watson

Jo Freeman

Dr. Susie Morrow

Truman Capote

Michael Jackson

Robin Klassnik

Matt's Gallery

Sean Penn

Nick Cave

Simon Phillips

Aretha Franklin

Kit Wise

Roberto Clemente

Butthole Surfers

John Frankland

Kate Davis

Kevin Slingsby

Brian Catling

Keir Smith

Richard Grayson

Paul Bonaventura

Angela Saward

Wellcome Trust Moving Image + Sound Collection

Monash University Department of Art and Design

Tasmania School of Art University of Tasmania

Renee Zinman

Robert Baseman

Gwen Baseman

Isadore Baseman

Frank Baseman

Russ Baseman

Experimental Dogs

Aphex Twin